Ride-Along [Jai-Alai Books]

Published in the anthology, ‘Making Good Time: True Stories Of How We Do, And Don’t, Get Around In South Florida’  / Jai-Alai Books, September, 2019:

​We’re speeding along a dark North Miami street in a police cruiser when Luis, the officer behind the wheel, looks at me sideways and smirks. “Watch this.”

​He slows down the cruiser, shuts off the headlights, and drifts toward the curb. A few yards ahead, a young couple is walking on the sidewalk hand-in-hand. Their backs are to us. When we’re a few feet behind them, Luis switches on the police siren. Startled by the loud noise, the couple nearly jumps out of their shoes.

​Luis flips the headlights back on and speeds off. He’s laughing so hard, he’s swerving. “Did you see the guy’s face?!”

​I laugh with him. I don’t want to be rude. And the guy’s face was pretty funny.

​It’s early in Luis’ shift, and it’s my first ride-along. I wanted insight on some of Miami-Dade’s troubled northern neighborhoods for a newspaper story I’m writing. So, I signed up at Luis’ station, passed a background check, and agreed to be on my best behavior.

​Tonight, though, that last rule seems only to apply to me.

To read more, buy ‘Making Good Time’ from Jai-Alai Books.

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