Meet the Owner of Miami’s Last Floating Home on Biscayne Bay [Miami New Times]

Published on December 7th, 2015 in the Miami New Times:

Fane Lozman in his Zodiac 5. (Photo by Terence Cantarella)

Fane Lozman wants what everyone in Miami wants: a nice home with a beautiful view and quick access to the water. That real-estate trifecta, however, usually costs a fortune. But Lozman, a six-foot-five former U.S. Marine Corps aviator, figured out years ago how to get those niceties at a fraction of the cost.

On a recent Friday, standing on the front porch of his two-story floating home in Biscayne Bay, moored just north of the 79th Street Causeway near North Bay Village, Lozman explained his approach to waterfront living: “You’re talking 10 to 20 million plus 80 grand a year in taxes for a house on Bay Drive or somewhere like that. You can get the same lifestyle out here for a lot less, and it’s more fun. It’s the ultimate bachelor’s pad. And it’s on the water.”

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